Professional Summary

A diligent, adaptable and results-driven Marketing Executive with progressive experience leading Product Marketing and eCommerce teams. An accomplished Growth Leader with demonstrated ability to strategize business direction while creating operational efficiencies.Fraser is a data-driven leader with a strategic focus on accelerated growth.


Equipped with 10+ years of progressive digital marketing experience, he carries a vast knowledge of the digital landscape, excels managing people, and has developed go-to-market strategies for Canadian, American, and European markets. As Director of Marketing at FreshGrade, Fraser implemented change (people, processes, and tools) and executed a hyper-targeted strategy that led to 240% YOY user growth. 


FreshGrade – Kelowna, BC                                                                

Director of Marketing 

  • Drives global marketing strategy that has led the business to achieve paramount growth

  • Manages a 7-person marketing team as the decision-making hiring executive

  • Develops all B2B and B2C Marketing channels, transitioning to a data-driven digital approach

  • Implements SaaS marketing and selling model that takes a Lifetime Value approach

  • Oversees marketing budget, intentionally allocating dollars that ensure a strong ROI

  • Leads international go-to-market strategy, successfully growing business in the US

RightMetric – Vancouver, BC                                                     

Digital Marketing - Strategy Manager

  • Delivered strategic plans to clients (Lululemon, RedBull), outlining competitive landscape

  • Led a team of Data Scientists to ensure a holistic digital marketing strategy 

  • Drove SEO initiatives for clients and RightMetric, as the in-house expert

  • Developed paid advertising strategy for E-commerce clients that ensured a positive ROI

  • Leveraged tools (SimilarWeb, Google Analytics, Crimson) to support digital strategy

RYDERS eyewear – North Vancouver, BC                                              

Marketing Manager 

  • Created budget proposals annually with ongoing management/maintenance

  • Developed brand and product-focused advertising campaigns for different target markets

  • Oversaw strategy, development, content, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and reporting

  • Developed annual marketing plans that include B2B and B2C initiatives (retail and digital)

  • Managed Intermediate Graphic Designer, Marketing Coordinator, and Photographer


Digital Marketing E-Commerce Manager 

  • Executed omni-channel plan including GTM strategy with extensive B2B and B2C marketing

  • Managed digital channel, driving consumers through sales funnel—183% YOY

  • Oversaw e-commerce strategy, development, content, marketing, SEO, SEM, reporting

  • Strategically positioned product within various targeted market segments

  • Developed and executed launch of premium technology into North American and Europe

  • Reported to parent company weekly on KPI’s, ensuring profitable ROI

Onison Corporation – Vancouver, BC                                                         

Marketing Manager

  • Strategically developed, analyzed and enhanced web presence

  • SEO, Analytics (Google, Alexa, Hubspot), Social Media 

  • Graphic design - web and print

  • Technical writing - press releases, directories, website, blog

  • E-Commerce Product marketing/merchandising