FreshGrade - SaaS Growth Strategy

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

When FreshGrade launched their latest software platform, Fraser was tasked with generating demand and adoption

FreshGrade is a digital solution for the classroom. It enables teachers, students and parents to share an online space that highlights the student work. The teachers create lessons and add resources, curriculum standards, and assessments—then watch them all populate to student portfolios, a gradebook, and the class feed.

FreshGrade is well adopted (80%) in Canadian school districts, one of Fraser's primary objectives was to drive US-based school adoption.

Fraser developed a strategy that first considered the tools, processes, and people within the business and department. The strategy evaluated the competitors, broke down the digital landscape, defined the target audience (region & persona) and leveraged digital funnels.

The strategy also included a breakdown of the budget and included KPI's and target ROI's attached to each initiative. Beginning top-of-funnel prospecting (driving leads into the funnel), the strategy outlined steps along the entire customer journey - nurturing, conversion, and retention were all tactically outlined across the entire digital landscape.

"Fraser served as Freshgrade’s Director of Marketing and did an amazing job with our digital footprint (2-3x performance at 10% of the cost)." Lee Wilson - President

The objective of this video was to share product functionality in a simplified and friendly way, making it easily digestible for the viewer. It lived on the homepage (hero banner) and was also leveraged across digital marketing channels - shortened versions were edited to better suit channels like social and email. Supporting the sales team

Educational eBooks were a great way to share resources, build content, and bring in new warm leads - Fraser leveraged these books as lead magnets to feed our funnel and bring in warm leads.

eBooks and educator testimonials were an effective way to build credibility and trust during the nurturing process of the digital marketing funnels.

The Back-to-School SaaS product marketing campaign drove more than 15,000 user signups (not including students or parents). It drove significant user growth (240% YOY) at a fraction of the acquisition cost.

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